The Jimmy Story

We’ve all experienced depression, but hopefully not to the degree that Jimmy did in this important poem by Pocahontas County High School senior Jonathan Valido. He bravely gave a live performance of the poem at our local opera house to help spread the word about why bullying is bad, and I am only passing it along to add momentum to his important message.

The Jimmy Story

By Jonathan Valido

 Hi, my name is Jimmy.
The kids at school like to hit me.
I thought my cool life had hid me,
But if only they didn't threaten me:

Their words cut like a knife,
They make me hate my life.
I am paying the price,
But still don’t get get nothing nice.

What's the point of living life,
If kids are punching you and shaking you with a knife?
What's the point of going to school,
Getting bad grades, and trying to be cool?

It's not working and I don't get why;
I live so dangerously and barely get by.
I pray to God but don't think he's listening
It might be just cause my soul isn't glistening

So this is my suicide song
And if you are reading it then I am already gone. 
So, you see, please don't do what those l kids did to me:
It’s not easy living if you are me. 

So here I go, I'm about to die,
Mom, see you, love you, and goodbye.
Jonathan Valido Heroically performs his poem, “The Jimmy Story.”