Chess Coaching

Hello, my name is Abram Leyzorek! As a newly minted adult, I am looking for ways to pay for my only two current recurring monetary expenses: my website (which, with luck, will eventually pay for itself) and my piano lessons. Preferably, I want to find a way to make money that I enjoy and that I am good at. Chess coaching fits this bill precisely. I have played chess casually almost all my life and have been playing online for the past two years. I founded and ran a chess club for a year and have been to a couple of tournaments. My current (May 11, 2020) blitz rating is 1659, which is in the 93.1 percentile on the popular chess website. I feel that I am qualified to coach players up to a rating of at least 1500. For reference, without a coach I increased my blitz rating by almost 700 points in two years, after playing about 5,600 online games. With chess coaching, improvement could be much faster.

For weekly one-hour live online chess coaching sessions for one student, I would charge $80/month. I am willing to coach up to ten students at once, for which the fee would be $260.20/month (only 3.25X the cost for 10X the students, because I use a logarithmic scale). For this, it would be best if the students were of similar skill level. I am willing to do up to 3 hour coaching sessions at a limit of one per day. I also am available for in-person coaching up to 50 miles away from Marlinton, West Virginia, but this comes with the added costs of driving (cost of running vehicle+time spent driving). I also offer prepared self-study lessons in addition to live coaching, for additional fees. These would guide and supplement students’ in between live sessions. Of course, I am willing to give free advice on how to improve and recommend materials for learning for free, but if I were going to spend time putting together lessons myself, I would need extra compensation. The self-studies will be priced based on the time it takes me to create them (up to an hour), but will likely provide many times more study time for the student. Although a better value than live coaching from this perspective, I believe one should not be without the other for the best possible experience.

Here is the equation I use to calculate chess coaching fees, which you are free to use to calculate the costs for your chess coaching needs on your own or simply contact me and describe your situation:

Variable fees:

  • Time ($20/hour) (T)
    • Self-study creation (up to an hour) (H)
    • For in person coaching (not available until quarantine is lifted), time to get to location (up to 2 hours) (Tlo)
    • Live coaching (up to three hours) (C)
  • Number of students (up to 10) (N)
  • For in person, distance (in miles (up to 50)) to lesson ($0.20/mile) (D)

Cost of online chess coaching ([]=notes): (lnN+1)•(20T[C+H+P]).

Cost of in person chess coaching: (lnN+1)•(20T[C+H+P])+20Tlo+0.2D.

For online chess coaching, Zoom is my preferred program. A free account on lichess or is a requirement. In-person coaching is unavailable at this time.

Contact me at: