Jimmy’s Lesson

Here is another poem that I wrote in 10th grade. I wrote it for a recycling-themed competition sponsored by the West Virginia Recycling Coalition, and it won first place ( https://www.theintermountain.com/news/communities/2017/01/recycling-coalition-honors-youth/ ). It is about why recycling is good and a necessary tool to preserve our existence. I have tweaked it slightly, but only to improve the grammar and not to add content. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think!

Jimmy’s Lesson

Gather ’round the homely hearth,
Join me in story and mirth.
Let’s learn to conserve our Earth,
The way she’s done since our birth.

Many modern things cater our comforts:
Cans, crates, signs, scissors, exports and imports.
Everything flows from Mother Earth’s flesh;
This Jimmy understood not, young and fresh.

Awoke he one morn, plunder in his eyes.
He manufactured everything, every size.
Soon only humans littered garbage heaps:
Naught but Jimmy remained on barren steeps.

An idea slept, woke; for joy he leapt!
Recycling! Life began, back it crept.
He realized all resources remain,
for reuse; it starts a reaction chain!

Let’s learn from Jimmy: there’s only so much,
Life may be wrought or reaved by human touch.
Much product is poison if cast away,
If we don’t recycle, we’ll have to pray.

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