A luscious lily blossoms before our calm, mellow cow meadow.
A lovely red lily accentuated against the background of our green cow meadow.

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the Elk Mountain Home School (EMHS) website. My name is Abram Leyzorek, creator of this site. My family and I live on a small, off-grid farm in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. This has given us the opportunity to learn many rare skills such as farming, botany, forestry, and the like. Our father is a junk collector and engineer, as well, so we have also learned how to work with man-made things.

Our father has imparted his passion for truth and learning in us and our curiosity is constantly probing deeper into the reaches of human knowledge. I created this site to share with the world the knowledge and lessons that my siblings and I learn at EMHS, which, although I have graduated, is still my home.

One of the most important lessons I learned at EMHS was to be a life-long learner, so I plan to continue my exciting learning journey; destination: Truth. Unlike many online education websites, we have no commercial interest and pursuing the Truth is our main goal.

But we are not asking you to trust us or simply accept what we say as true; we are keenly aware of our own fallibility. We ardently ask you, the intelligent reader, to read all information on this site with a critical eye and mercilessly question our findings. We also heartily encourage you to contribute your own work to this website, and, if you do, we will gladly return the favor. To contribute to our book of knowledge, simply attach your work, be it poem, essay, photograph, lecture, artwork, etc., to a post on the contributions forum, or email us (see contact page).

Join us, then, and let us learn from each other!

Ripening blueberries in our garden.